Information on current need, December 2017:


With God’s help, after seven years of searching, we now have our beautiful lifestyle center villa in Israel close to the sea of Galilee, on private land. We started receiving patients in November 2016. God has blessed with beautiful experiences with the Jewish people who have come as patients to the Center. However, a challenge has arisen. The private land next to the Center, on the side with the view of the Sea of Galilee, went on the market last year. Private land is very hard to acquire, and is very expensive in Israel. This property was being sold for $456,000. 


We felt this land was providential for three reasons. (1) We needed to buy this property to preserve the priceless view of the Sea of Galilee. (2) We need more rooms for patients in order for the center to be efficient. (3) We need more land for gardening. 


In faith, we signed a contract last year, and put a down payment of $25,000. A friend offered to pay the balance if we would cover the first $200.000. God has blessed us with $105,000.00, and now we must raise the remaining $95,000.00. The stipulation for the balance funds was that we need to pay the rest of the money when the paper work is completed.


We were told one month ago by the lawyer that it would be finalized very soon. She thought it would take about one month, which is about now. Any day now the lawyer will be contacting us for the balance of the payment.


If God impresses you to assist, please see the home page for donation information. If you have any questions, contact us through our email address.